Teething Toys (2 Pack) – Baby Teether to Relieve Teething Pain and Massage Gums – Wrist Teether Anti Drop – Toddler Teething Toys for Molars – Easy to Clean


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JohnABC Teether Toys – Baby Teething Toys For Babies 0-6 Months.

teething toysteething toys

You find that the baby becomes fond of eating hands?

Before the age of one week, it is called the “mouth” exploration stage. Babies learn about the world and express emotions through their mouths.

The finger-sucking behavior of “hand-eating” may cause:


Scientific prevention of baby’s hand-eating behavior – Using baby teething teether.


From 3-8 months, babies are exploring the world with their mouths and teething. Teething can cause red, swollen and itchy gums, and your baby will start to eat his hands, so it is important to find a “teether” for your baby to soothe the discomfort of teething.

JohnABC Nanosilver food-grade silicone teether, safety upgrades, bite into the safety.

Prevent eating hands scientifically, and grow healthy teeth.

teether toys teether toys

Teethers for babies 0-6 months.

360° effective protection, prevent from eating hands.

Naturally guide the baby’s fingers to grasp the teether, get the mouth to chew, natural transition of the oral period, to meet the baby’s desire to explore.


Teether No angles and burrs, will not scratch the baby’s mouth.

Safe size, will not be burdened by the baby’s mouth.

Wrist Cat

Package Contents
2 Wrist teethers 1 Cat shape teether +1 teether stick

【Food grade silicone】BPA Free, the teether is soft and elastic, resistant to biting and abrasion, and does not harm the baby’s mouth. Great gifts for friends’ babies. A customer said: “It’s soft, not bulky, chewable from all directions, comfortable to hold, and easy for baby to put in his mouth.”
【Exercise and coordination ability】The teething toy has a wrist strap, which can be put on the baby’s wrist. The baby can put the teether in and out of the mouth by himself to exercise the chewing function and grasping ability.
【Instructions for use】Teether can be sterilized by high-temperature water boiling, and the teething toy is resistant to high temperature of 220°C. For the first use, it should be boiled in boiling water for 5 minutes and then cleaned. Avoid using strong detergents and steel wool during cleaning.
【Lifetime Warranty】If you have any questions about teething toys, please contact the store for after-sales service.


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